Return Packing Tips

  1. Please do not use newspaper as packing material

  2. The ink will bleed on everything exposed in your package. If you must use newspaper, wrap everything being package in white paper, tissue, or plastic wrap.

  3. Any opened card boxes should be re-sealed with tape.

  4. (It is okay if you add additional tape to the boxes). If the plastic boxes are open in transit, the pocketfolds will arrive damaged and will not be refunded. Any plastic-sealed items (printable inserts, mats, etc.) should be taped closed and wrapped neatly in brown paper.

    Any open printables should be taped shut and wrapped neatly in brown paper (or similar). If the printables can slide around and fall out of the packaging, they will be damaged in transit and will not be refunded.

  5. Returning products as they arrived is sometimes not enough.

  6. Much of the packaging material has been compacted by the time the package has arrived to you.

    • Please add additional packing material (tissue, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, paper towels, etc.) to every side of the box, cushioning every edge of the product.
    • The product should not be touching any inside edges of the box.
    • Floating the product in the middle of a box of packaging is the best way to guarantee your items will arrive in perfect condition.
    • If you give the box a gentle shake, nothing should move.
    • Padded Mailers are not recommended.

Cards & Pockets will not refund or exchange any damaged items.