Cards and Pockets 101


You may be visiting us for the first time, or are just starting your search
for do-it-yourself and wedding pocket invitation supplies. How does it all work? Hopefully this
brief introduction will point you in the right direction!

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Suggested Ordering Steps

1.) Find your colors

Browse our 130+ color options from high-quality card stocks sourced completely from American & European Mills.

2.) Select Your Base Card

This is the cornerstone of your invitation. Choose one of our many Pocket Invitation styles or one of our other popular bases. Check out our Base Card guide.

3.) Choose an Invitation Mat

This is what can go behind your invitation card or be printed directly on for a single layer look.

Choose the appropriate sized mat in your color scheme. You can design your own paper mat! Choose one of our many patterns or send us your own design.

4.) Select Blank Invitation and Enclosures

Select blank invitation cards and blank inserts for Pocket Invitations. You can either choose 8.5 x 11 card-stock and cut your own or our Precut Invitation Cards & Precut Printable Blank Enclosures. Both of these options can be printed at home. See β€œDIY Printables” below for more information.

Want to save the work of printing and cutting? Send your design and wording to the C&P Print Shop for a quick printing quote. Invitations and Enclosures will arrive cut, printed, and ready to assemble.

5.) Add Embellishments

Add a belly band with a monogram or use our beautiful Midori ribbon. We also offer laser paper shapes.

6.) Pick Your Envelopes

Select a stylish European flap envelope from our extensive color line or choose our classic Square Flap.

7.) Order Samples

Ordering samples allows you to see your color choices and layout, test our papers in your printer, and/or see actual printed samples from our print shop.

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Pocket Invitation Sizing

Our Signature, Vertico, and Retangolo Pocket Invitation styles have a 5" x 7" panel.
(We suggest a 4.5" by 6.5" invitation for these sizes)

The Perfetto Pocket Invitation style has a 6" x 6" panel.
(We suggest a 5 5/8" x 5 5/8" invitation for this size)

Enclosure cards are sold in pre-cut sizes at "max height." Print at home & cut for your own staircase style!

Signature Pocket Invitation Sizing

Retangolo Pocket Invitation Sizing

Perfetto Pocket Invitation Sizing

Vertico Pocket Invitation Sizing

5x7 Panel Pocket Sizing

A2 Signature Pocket Invitation Sizing

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DIY Printables

Our printables are a easy DIY option for your invites.
  1. You can choose to purchase our 8.5x11 cardstock and print and cut your invitation cards and enclosures at home and cut them out yourself.
  2. You can also purchase our pre-cut printables to save on cutting work. Please note some home printers are not capable of printing on smaller sizes. We recommend getting samples to test.

New! Google Document Invitation Templates.

We now have a library of Google Doc templates to help our customers design their own Pocket Invitation in a snap. View Templates

DIY Printables Guide

Want to save yourself the work?
We offer low cost, high quality printing options. Visit our Print Shop for details. Invitations and Enclosures will arrive cut, printed, and ready to assemble.

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Detailed Product Guide

Upon reviewing our product guide and online color chart, we recommend ordering Sample color swatches and/or specific invitation materials. We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with the quality of our paper.

Our materials are designed to be used in layers, starting with a Base Card (which would be the final folded size of your invitation) which can be a Folded Card, Gate-Card, Panel Card, Pocket Invitation, etc. From here you have established the cornerstone of your invitation.

If you want to create a single layer invitation (a Base card and your mounted Invitation) you have two choices, depending on the space you want to allow and the color paper you wish to use.

    1.You can order the corresponding Invitation Mat which is sized 1/4" smaller than the invitation panel of the Base card, which when mounted would leave 1/8 inch border around each edge. This Invitation Mat can be printed on and can be the top & final layer of your invitation. We strongly suggest to test printing on sample, printing on certain colors may be difficult to read.

    2. If you want to create a two-layer invitation but would like more space around the edge of your mounted invitation, you can order the pre-cut Blank Invitation (which is limited to Whites & Creams) and print your invitation on this piece. Mounting this piece onto the panel of your Invitation Base card would leave a full 1/4" border around each edge of the Invitation. If you would like to order another card-stock color rather than the standard Whites/Creams, we can custom size any of our papers to suit your color scheme!

For a 2-layer invitation, all three products should be ordered (the Base Card, Invitation Mat & Blank Invitation) which would all layer perfectly with the 1/8" border around each when mounted. If you would like a different sizing structure for different borders around your mounted pieces, we can custom size our papers to any size to accommodate your unique design!

The Printable Blank Enclosures are sized specific to each Pocket Invitation we carry, so each Pocket Invitation has a corresponding Insert size. The Signature & Retangolo PockeFolds share the same size (3.5"x6.75") and for the Vertico Pocket Invitation the Insert size is actually the same size as the pre-cut Blank Invitation (4.5"x6.5"). The size of the Perfetto Pocket Invitation Printable Blank Enclosures is (5"x5.75"). All of these Enclosures can be printed and cut to your preferable sizing to create a staircase look, or we can also custom size our papers to your specific insert sizing & color needs. Check sizing above for more details.

Our Printable RSVP Cards (located under the "Printable Enclosures" link in the left menu) are sized at 3.5"x5", the standard minimum postcard size as well as the perfect size to fit into our RSVP envelopes. Another great thing about this size is it is a standard print size for many photo printers, making it easy to print at home.

We offer mailing/outer Envelopes for all our sizes, most of our colors are available in the stylish "European Flap", and more of our colors are continually added in this style. We do offer a square-flap alternative in the A7 & 6.5" Square sizes, in white and cream.

The Cards&Pockets Print Shop offers affordable, professional printing. We have the ability to print and score on even our heaviest cardstock, and would be happy to help with any project. We specialize is custom print jobs. Whether it's for your business cards or wedding invitation. We can print everything from "Engagement Announcements" through custom "Thank You" cards.

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We hope this guide has proven useful to you! If there is something you believe should be included in this guide, please Contact us with your suggestions! We would be happy to hear from you!