Printing File Setup

Please Note:

All fonts, colors, layouts, graphics, dimensions, etc. will print exactly as they are submitted. We cannot change colors, edit CMYK codes, format artwork, substitute fonts, or make any other changes to your artwork at this time.

We are creating a process for basic formatting to be offered in the near future. Please follow the below steps to ensure your piece is printed to its highest quality:

1.) Convert Measurements and Fonts

  • Please convert all measurements to inches
  • Please remove crop marks in your file
  • Be sure to convert all of your text to outlines (paths). Basically this means that your text will be recognized as an image (not a font), so that they will show properly on other computers.

2.) Determine if your file(s) require a "Full Bleed".

    "Full Bleed" designs have artwork, text, etc. that extends to the very edge of the final cut piece. If you have a design that appears to extend off the edge of your piece, your file requires a "full bleed".

    No "Full Bleed"

    • Please size your your art board or final .pdf document(s) to the exact size of your desired final piece. For example, a 3.5"x5" RSVP card needs a file that is sized 3.5"x5".
    • Please include a 1/8" margin of blank space around the edges of the file (inside the cut line). This will ensure that no essential content will be trimmed off, or cut too close to the edge.

    Yes "Full Bleed"

    • Please make sure your file/artwork includes an extra 1/8" on all four sides. For example, a 3.5x5 RSVP card that requires a "full bleed" should be sized to 3.75"x5.25". The artwork and/or text that should extend to the edge of the cut piece must extend the full, extra 1/8"(to the edge of the file) so we can cut into your artwork for a perfect, "full bleed" appearance.
    • Please be sure that critical words and graphics are at least 1/4" away from the edges of the file. This will ensure that important elements that you don't want to be trimmed are safely inside both the bleed and the cutline.

3.) Export your file to a ready-to-print PDF

    We currently offer printing services for ready-to-print .PDF files (.pdf) only.

    Recommended Software:

    Below are links for free/trial version software to assist in creating your
    ready-to-print .pdf formatted images.

  • Free Templates. (Google Doc Invitation Templates)
  • Adobe Illustrator. (basic-to-expert design tools)
  • Microsoft Word. (basic design tools)
    1. Remember:
    2. 1) Size your art board according to above instructions. (i.e. Under “File”, then “page setup” in Microsoft Word 2007)
    3. 2) ”Export", "Convert", or "Save as" file type .pdf

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