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General Questions

What makes the C&P Print Shop unique from other printers?

  • A: We are a team of experts on printing for Pocket Invitations and other invitation styles. We are excited to walk with you through the invitation ordering process while offering suggestions for the best results possible. Local printers may not be familiar with stackable enclosures, or what sizes you might want for standard invitation layering. Through careful courtesy file review and the proofing process, you can rest assured that your final prints will be cut precisely to fit in your favorite Pocket Invitation or with your other invitation style. Further, we just love invitations. It is a joy for us to be involved with these special print jobs and to see the final pieces come together.

What kind of printing do you offer?

  • A: We currently offer high quality digital press printing.

How much does custom printing cost?

  • A: Cards & Pockets' printing is very affordable, just like the rest of our fine products. Pricing depends on many variables, including the paper that you choose, the final cut dimensions of the pieces that you need, the quantity of the prints, the amount of ink required for your pieces, etc. Please fill out a Quote Request Form and we'll get right back to you with a quoted price. The Printing price always includes the paper you're printing on.

What papers do you print on?

  • A: We can print on most of the papers offered on the C&P website, including metallics. We can not print white ink or light colored ink on darker papers. We can suggest other solutions to achieve a similar effect.

What are the most popular papers for invitation printing?

  • A: We carry a range of classic white and cream papers in different weights and finishes. Each of these papers have qualities that make them appropriate for different print orders, depending on your needs and artwork. We are happy to make suggestions based on what you are looking for and on your files. Gold and silver papers are also very popular, as are some of the lighter pastel colors offered on the C&P website.

Do you have a list of fonts and colors?

  • A: The service that we offer is printing of customer provided files, which must be fully-designed and print-ready pdf files. As we can not edit the fonts or colors in your artwork, we do not offer fonts or a color list for prints. We do have a list of suggested CMYK color codes that we have developed to closely match C&P paper colors when used in files for print. Please let us know if you have any questions about these codes.

What program should I use to create my files?

  • A: Use our Free Invitation Templates using Google Docs for a fast and easy design.
    There are many other programs that customers use to create their artwork, some more easy to use than others. Programs like Microsoft Word, which is easier to use, can not support CMYK color codes or many of the advanced fonts that you may wish to purchase and use for your artwork. Adobe Illustrator, while more difficult to learn, offers more options for the quality of your designs.

    Whatever program you choose, we can print your artwork- as long as it is designed to final print size and converted to pdf format. You can find tips on file set up here.

Can I order sample prints of my files?

  • A: We do offer sample prints of your custom artwork, which generally cost between $5.00-$12.00 with free ground shipping (depending on the materials and work involved). We are happy to set up a sample order for you- we just need to set up a reference estimate with the paper choice, final cut dimensions, and hypothetical quantity for a full order of prints.

    Estimates help us to check your files to make sure that they are set up correctly, are used to assign a unique number to your sample order, and will become your invoice for the job if you choose to place a full order at a later date. There is no obligation to purchase anything further if you don't love your sample prints.

Can I save money on printing and cutting if I design my files with multiple copies on a page?

  • A: Even 8.5x11" prints require cutting of paper to 8.5x11" from larger sheets of paper, so there is always some cutting figured into our printing pricing. You will save some money if you would like to design your artwork this way and further trim the individual prints out at home or locally. We can not trim individual prints to size when multiple copies are designed into the file.

    If you would like to receive prints that are cut to actual size, we need files that are designed to scale for a single print (plus a bleed allowance if necessary). As an example, a 3.5x5" RSVP card would require a file that is exactly 3.5x5" (or 3.75x5.25" for a full bleed). We are happy to quote both ways if you wish to compare the costs. We would need the quantities of prints for each scenario.


How do I order custom printing?

  • A: The first step in setting up a print order is to submit your files and order specifications for an estimate. We need to prepare a reference estimate to process either a sample order or a full print order from your files. Once you have seen and approved a print shop estimate, the Print Shop will create a custom order link for you that will allow you to add prints to your cart for website checkout. Please email to inquire about setting up an order. Order terms and conditions

How do I order paper for my printing?

  • A: You will not need to manually order paper for the prints. The Print Shop does not print on the pre-cut paper that is sold on the website, whether you are looking at printables (which are designed for home printers) or the 8.5xll" cardstock that is packaged for website purchase. All paper for print jobs is cut per order, and is already included in your printing quote.

Can I order website paper supplies with my custom print job to save on shipping, instead of placing two separate orders?

  • A: Yes, you would need to wait until the Print Shop has reviewed your files and set up a print order for you. When the time comes to place the print order, just add any products that you need to your cart along with the print job for one combined shipment

Can I give the print shop a list of the other website supplies that I need to order everything together?

  • A: The Print Shop can not quote or bill for unprinted products, but you can add website products to your cart along with the print job for one shipment, when the time comes to place a full order.

I have already placed an order through the C&P website, and I would like to order printing. Can I put in a print order to be combined with an order I have in processing?

  • A: Sorry, C&P can not hold orders for printing. If you are interested in saving money on shipping, or if you need mounting of printing to website supplies, you can contact the processing department at to discuss possibilities for altering your order.

How can I order mounting with my prints, and how will the C&P staff know which of my pieces should be mounted?

  • A: Some mounts are selected along with the corresponding products on the website (i.e., liners and mats), while others need to be added to the print shop estimate. Any custom prints that need to be mounted to another layer will need to have a mount listed underneath them on the print shop estimate (for example, printed invitations to mats, or customer designed monograms to monogram backings). Mounting fees are for the service only- mats, Pocket Invitations, custom size paper layers, etc. are an additional cost and need to be purchased with the print job through the website.

    Please inquire if you are interested in a mount that you do not see listed, or if you have any questions at all about how to order a specific mount. If you order invitations with mounting and no mats are ordered with the supplies, the finishing department will assume to mount the invitation print directly to the Pocket Invitation, panel card, etc. on the order.

Processing and Shipping

How long does custom printing take?

  • A: Processing time is subject to change, and fluctuates with the season. Processing time is Next business day for samples, and 1-3 business days for full print orders (before shipping). Mounting adds an additional 2-3 days processing time after printing is completed, before the order is ready to ship.

    Placing a print order is a process, and we always strongly recommend ordering samples before proceeding to the full print order. This can add an additional week or two to a print order schedule (depending on your location and shipping method). Also, please allow time for your estimate to be set up, your files to be reviewed, and for any file edits that we may need from you to proceed with printing. We do our best to set up all orders as quickly as possible, but details are important with these special orders, and files have to match estimate specifications exactly before an order can be placed. This is one way that we can ensure a quality final product that you will love.

I have a very time sensitive print job. Can I pay extra to have the order expedited?

  • A: As we handle each order as a priority and complete all orders as efficiently as possible, we do not offer rush processing. If you need your order quickly, please do let us know and we will certainly do our best to meet any deadlines that you may have. Orders placed with next day shipping are recognized as urgent.

How much will shipping cost?

  • A: Shipping costs are difficult to project, as they are based on the total weight of the items that you add to your cart (including unprinted website supplies), your exact location, and the method of shipping that you select as you proceed through checkout. A good way to estimate shipping is to add blank printable paper to your cart in the sizes and quantities of your custom print job. You will be able to browse shipping options without actually proceeding through checkout.

Do you ship free samples internationally?

  • A: Our sample prints do come with free ground shipping to any destination, however, ground shipping can take considerable time (sometimes up to 4 weeks) to reach international destinations. If you are in a rush for your proof, we do recommend choosing an upgraded form of shipping as you proceed through checkout.


What is included in a set of print samples?

  • A: A set of print samples will include one of each of the items listed on your printing estimate. The Print Shop does not supply unprinted products, but you can certainly order any other sample pieces that you need by adding them to your cart along with the print samples (through the samples pages of the C&P website). We do not offer mounted samples at this time.

Can the Print Shop print on folded cards?

  • A: We can definitely help with printed folded cards. We can't print directly onto the pre-manufactured folded cards that are sold on the website, but we can manufacture folded cards from prints. Files need to be set up for the full size of the paper before folding. We would be happy to set up a quote for you.

Does the Print Shop print addresses on envelopes?

  • A: We do not offer envelope printing at this time, but we hope to in the future.

I did not see my question listed. How can I get a quick answer?

  • A: Please email the C&P Print Shop directly at for the most accurate information possible. We correspond through email in the print shop, and are quick to reply with thorough answers to your general or order-specific questions. The phone order-line representatives will be happy to help with general questions, but will not have access to print order status or information to help you with your specific file edits. All order details, requests, and changes need to be arranged and recorded through digital correspondence.
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