Outer 6.75 Square Envelope

Outer 6.75 Square Envelope
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Product Description

Use this envelope in combination with the Inner 6.5 Square envelopes.

The extra outer envelope has been used throughout history to protect the invitations final arrival to your guests. With fewer horse and buggy mail carts kicking up mud on letters, this isnt as much of a concern today. However, outer-inner envelopes are still widely used as part of tradition and formal appearance.

For extra fancy points, use an outer & inner envelope with your invitations.

  • Size: 6.75" x 6.75"
  • Flap: Gummed for sealing

Additional Information

  • Envelopes are sold in bulk at a minimum of 10.
  • Not intended to be used as an alone mailing envelope with 6x6 cards. Use the 6.5 Square standard envelope for single envelope mailing.

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