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Processing & Shipping Times

  • Orders with regularly stocked items (Pocket Invitations, blank cards, envelopes, cardstock, etc...) currently have an estimated 2-3 day processing time, although we try to ship same-day wherever possible. Orders containing *Custom made items* currently have an estimated 5-10 day processing time.

    Our business hours are 9am - 4pm EST Monday - Thursday and 9am - 12pm EST Fridays. A "business day" is a reflection of these hours EST

    Samples - Most samples ship in 2-3 business days. See the link above for processing time on custom made Samples.

    In a hurry? Don't worry! To ensure a speedy delivery time, consider choosing one of our premium shipping options.

    Further details on processing & shipping times.


  • Because most orders are processed on the day they are placed, cancellation requests are only allowed within 2 hours of placing an order and cancellation is not guaranteed. Custom items and services can not be canceled if assembly has already begun.

    If you need to inquire about a cancelation within 2 hours of placement, please reach out to our Customer Service team by clicking the "support" link in the top right corner of this page also make sure to fill out our Order Change Request Form submitting this form will place a hold on your order to ensure it does not ship.

    Cancellations are subject to a 5% cancellation fee.


  • Returns are accepted within 45 days of order purchase.

    *Custom made items* cannot be returned.
    We do not accept exchanges.
    Any returns are subject to a 20% restock fee.

    Please order a Sample before your bulk order to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need.

    View Full Return Policy

Taxes & International Customs Fees

  • USA - Massachusetts deliveries will incur the current state sales tax rate for ‘general goods’ at online checkout.

    Canada - Discounted Import taxes are paid at time of checkout. No customs fees will be due at the time of delivery.
    View details on Canada tax rates & customs fees.

    All other Countries - You, the receiver, are responsible for paying any customs fees at the time of delivery. These rates are set by your home country for imported goods.


  • All products are guaranteed to arrive in tact. - Product(s) received damaged, upon arrival, will be replaced. Please Contact us within 48 hours of receiving any damaged/incorrect items.

    Replacements will be shipped with the same service they were originally sent.

Custom Printed Items

  • A sample proof is optional but must be purchased in order to guarantee any expected results.

    Print file must be set up to our specifications. (Review Print File Specs).

    A sample proof is necessary to know whether or not your file is set up correctly for accurate printing. Which if not, could result in missing text, cut off graphics, poor resolution, etc… Cards & Pockets cannot take responsibility if the file is not set up correctly for final print.

    Ink Colors are non-metallic. We do name our ink colors to coordinate with our papers. We cannot guarantee the ink and paper will match exactly.

    Ink will print differently on each paper color. We strongly recommend that you order a sample with your color choices before proceeding to place a full order, to be sure that you are happy with the results.

    Printed Items are considered a custom product, and therefore are non-returnable.

Abandoned Orders

  • We strive to have clear communication with our customers as well as being open about the status of their order. Occasionally we need to reach out to customers with questions regarding their order that prevents the order from being processed.

    On rare occasions we have trouble reaching customers with these questions. We email two times and then we call the billing number on the order. If we do not get a response 30 days after the last day contact was attempted, we consider the order “Abandoned”.

    After an order is abandoned, the order is cancelled, and a refund is issued. All stock items on the order will be refunded, less a 20% cancellation fee. Custom items are non-refundable.

Assemble At Your Own Risk.

  • Paper is delicate. We’ll get it to you safely. The rest is up to you. We leave the creativity in your capable hands...
    Cards & Pockets is not responsible for user error.

    Here are some tips to assure your invites turn out flawless:

    - Ask the post office to “hand-cancel” your invites instead of machine processing.
    - A tissue layer is recommended especially when using dark colors. Although most papers and inks are not prone to bleeding, certain conditions can sometimes cause this to happen. (High heat, humidity, and pressurized post office machinery are not friendly to any fine papers). Remember to ask your post office to "hand-cancel" your invitations when sending them through the mail.
    - Seal your envelopes well before putting them in the mail.
    - Get a Sample Before ordering in bulk.
    - Printing at home: Test out printing with a sample first. Not all printers produce the same great results.
    - Printing with Cards & Pockets: Order a sample print.

    Please Use Envelopes
    We do not recommend mailing our Pocket Invitations or Petalfold cards without a mailing envelope. You run the risk of losing all your carefully prepared enclosures, and severely damaging the invitation. We carry envelopes to fit our standard line of Pocket Invitations

    Check the dimensions if using other’s products.
    Other print and paper companies use different standards for their cut dimensions. We cannot guarantee that our products will match with outside companies products. We try to be as specific as possible with our dimensions to help. Please check the true dimensions of the 3rd party products to ensure the best fit. We strongly encourage ordering samples and checking the fitting of all our products before placing your full order.

    Envelope Sealing Tips
    You now have in your possession some of the highest quality envelopes on the planet. These envelopes are made with specialty art paper that is very different from that of the envelopes you would find at a typical office supply store. Because our papers are thicker and often have unique textures, we recommend taking care when sealing.

    Here are some tips for successful sealing:

    • We highly recommend using an “envelope moistener.” This provides a consistent application of moisture. Other tools that can help achieve even moisture are a brush dipped in water or a Qtip. Clear glue sticks and double-sided tape work well. Zip Dry Glue is also a great option. (Be sure to use just enough to seal the envelope. Any more could cause wrinkling or seep through the paper.)
    • After the glue has been moistened, seal the envelope by pressing firmly, moving fingers with consistent pressure across all adhesive areas for 5-10 seconds. This step is critical to assure a secure adhesion.
    • After envelopes are sealed, place them under something heavy while they dry. This will reduce any flap wrinkling and help to ensure a good seal.
    • We recommend asking your local post office to “hand-cancel” your invites instead of machine processing. This will allow greater care to be taken when processing.