Meet Moss! The most beautiful woodland green EVER!

meet moss.
same color. new name. new, heavier 80lb text-weight.

We (and everyone else) loved jellybean green too much to let it go. Now you can shop all your favorite envelopes, cut papers, laser-cut shapes/printed shapes, pockets and more under the new name “MOSS”.

we know you will love this beautiful shade of green that matches with literally every theme of wedding or event — boho, woodland, vintage, retro, mid-cent-mod, romantic, moody—you name it! it works. we love it and can’t wait to see it featured in your upcoming projects!!

why did we rename jellybean green?

two reasons.

(1) we believe moss is a more descriptive name that makes more sense than “jellybean green” which could be literally any color green, especially greens that don’t look like moss—which is what this color makes us think of—not jellybeans.

(2) we had a heavier text-weight paper manufactured because we prefer heavier-weight papers for our envelopes than the default text-weight jellybean green was available in. this means our moss envelopes are sturdier and more luxurious than ever.

the name MOSS will be used universally across all of our previous “jellybean green” products including our newly made, 80lb envelopes—while our remaining 70lb envelopes (clearance) will still be referred to as “jellybean green” so they are not confused with the newer, heavier weight.

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