Large Order Process

We LOVE large orders. And we are grateful for them. However; we are trying our absolute best to work within industry-wide supply-chain gaps in order to serve as many customers worldwide as possible. Some large orders may need special handling and/or require additional processing times. For this reason, and for this season, we are ordering smaller quantities at a time more frequently to make sure our paper is allocated to the most customers & orders possible.

What is considered a Large Order?
A large order is a single order of one specific product/color (or cumulative orders within a 2-week time span) that are equal or greater than 1000 pieces total.


1 order of 1000 (A7 MID GREEN ENVELOPES)
4 orders of 250 (A2 DUSTY BLUE ENVELOPES)

Make sense?

What will be the processing time of โ€œLarge Ordersโ€?

Most Large Orders will still fall under our normal processing times, but as a standard, Large Orders will be flagged and reviewed by our Inventory & Purchasing Department. Depending on availability, orders will be released for processing or you will be contacted shortly after placing your order if there will be any additional processing time or special handling required.