Finishing Services

Let Us Do the Work!

Short on time? What to save yourself the work? We are happy to provide you with any custom service they need.

  1. Printing

    Our in-house print shop specializes in pocket fold invitations. Trust the experts to ensure your project gets the special care it deserves and come out just the way you wanted.

  2. Power Cutting

    Our power paper cutters can cut your paper to any size you need up to 17” x 14” , we can also provide corner rounding.

  3. Laser Cutting

    We can cut any shape you can dream of to give your project an extra unique touch. Do you want to decorate with birds, stars, leaves, butterflies? Let us make them!

  4. Mounting & Assembly

    Our expert mounters can save you hours of time by doing all the sticky work. Invitations, Mats, envelope liners, monograms, and more can be professionally adhered to their backing by our experts by selecting β€˜add assembly’ to the product. Learn more about our mounting services

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