Coronavirus Update

April 1st 2020

UPDATE: Massachusetts non-essential businesses must remain closed until May 4th 2020. Read Report

Orders will not be shipped out until we repoen in early May.

March 23th 2020

hello friends,

we just received word that all non-essential business facilities in massachusetts must close by NOON tomorrow. that is TUESDAY, MARCH 24 by NOON EST.

we are devastated to hear this news (even though we expected it) but we are also confident it was the right choice for keeping our communities as safe as possible.

we are working all night & overnight to process all incoming “stock” orders, hoping that anything placed by 6:00 EST will be able to ship by tomorrow at noon. this does not include new PYO’s/Print Jobs, Custom Laser Pockets, or anything that is not considered an “in stock” item. Outstanding print orders will be rushed through processing and we will contact you if we cannot fulfill your order by tomorrow at noon.

any print or custom orders that are placed and/or approved today will not be processed/shipped until our return in early April.

our website and customer service/pre-press services (envelope formatting, file approval, etc.) will all be open for business, with the understanding that orders will not be processed or shipped until our return.

we are doing our best to pick and ship all orders (all hands on deck—including our customer service staff!) they will not be able to advise you with certainty on if your order will ship by tomorrow until TOMORROW when we assess what we can get through today!

thank you so much for your support through all of this, we appreciate each and every one of you! we will be in contact after close to take care of all loose ends/unshipped orders so please have patience with us over the next few days. we will work with all of you to make sure we do the best for you that we can.

best wishes, health, safety and prayer hands, and jazz hands, bc, why not?

Cards and Pockets Inc.