Coronavirus Update

August 20th 2020


Hello my friends,

I am sorry we have not been in touch sooner but we are happy to have the opportunity to update you now. We are so here! We are healthy! We are happy. And we are so so glad you are still here with us. We hope that you and your families are as well as you can be, all things considered.

Thanks to our dedicated and passionate team of amazing people who have worked tirelessly to keep Cards & Pockets going strong, all products & services are now fully open for business! Our supply chain is improving and we are happy to be producing new stock of your favorite products every week. :)

In the last few months we have been able to refine all of our processes to better service you. Our turnaround times for custom services and printing are much faster across the board. We have also overhauled our inventory system to make sure we have the products you want in stock. If for some reason a product you want is not in stock, it will be very soon.

Our safety measures have served us well--no Coronavirus cases here :) and we will continue all safety practices going forward. We follow Massachusetts Guidance for Essential Services including that all employees wear masks throughout the day and areas are regularly disinfected.

Note to Vendors:
We have some of the greatest vendors and we are incredibly grateful that you are still with us! This season has affected our business in many ways. It has allowed us the focus to improve processes and take a deep look at how to better service you going forward. Some of our policies will be changing and we will be rolling out exciting changes to our site and vendor program. You will see regular updates in the coming weeks.

We know that the future holds a lot of uncertainties but we are here for you. We have designed some free change the date templates which are available to anyone who may need them, please feel free to share!

God Bless & Stay Well,

Becky + her awesome team

* Please be advised we will no longer be guaranteeing same-day shipping. All stock items will generally ship within 1-3 business days.

April 7th 2020

i wanted to touch base about our "reopening" today, April 7th. as you may know, our governor has extended the non-essential business shut-down date to May 18th. this email is to let you know how we are doing here at C&P and to what capacity we can serve you these next few weeks.

i am pleased to share that we did receive the approval to stay open as an essential business. however, while i would love to have my c&p family back to work, i believe as many of us as can be home should be home to prevent the spread of covid-19.

with that said, i am working with the smallest staff in the world (quite reminiscent of my beginnings in 2004) and making sure there are only 2-3 people in the shop at a time. we have set up a schedule to get most jobs done in shifts but there are a few products and services we will not be able to offer at this time. you are still welcome to order any products off our website, but the products and services listed below will have an undefined processing time and may not be completed until after May 4.

"YES" PRODUCTS/SERVICES (2-5 business days processing)

  • regularly stocked blank products, envelopes, paper, pockets, etc.
  • print shop items that do not require laser cutting
  • all customer service/pre-press services (file-checking, custom quotes, envelopes formatting, digital proofing)

  • "NOT NOW" PRODUCTS/SERVICES (will not process until after May 4th)

  • laser-cut products / laser-cutting services
  • full + half sheet paper orders
  • signs larger than 11x17
  • additional assemblies (mounting/gluing services, envelope lining services)


    unfortunately we cannot guarantee processing times and the processing times on our website will not apply during this month. we are working hard to get most orders processed and shipped within 2-3 business days. please allow for one week of processing just to be safe. as always you can communicate with us if you are working with a tight deadline, or communicate so in your order notes.

    many of you have kindly asked if there is anything you can do to help us. i wish there was an easy answer. pray for us! if you know you will be ordering at a later date, we would be so happy if you would buy yourself (or someone else!) a gift certificate  to help keep us afloat during this uncertain time.

    we are so grateful for your continued love and support. the connections we have been able to make with our customers and/or followers through this time have been truly heartwarming and remind us why we love what we do and more importantly who we serve.

    praying blessings and safety over you & your families.


    "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

    March 23th 2020

    hello friends,

    we just received word that all non-essential business facilities in massachusetts must close by NOON tomorrow. that is TUESDAY, MARCH 24 by NOON EST.

    we are devastated to hear this news (even though we expected it) but we are also confident it was the right choice for keeping our communities as safe as possible.

    we are working all night & overnight to process all incoming “stock” orders, hoping that anything placed by 6:00 EST will be able to ship by tomorrow at noon. this does not include new PYO’s/Print Jobs, Custom Laser Pockets, or anything that is not considered an “in stock” item. Outstanding print orders will be rushed through processing and we will contact you if we cannot fulfill your order by tomorrow at noon.

    any print or custom orders that are placed and/or approved today will not be processed/shipped until our return in early April.

    our website and customer service/pre-press services (envelope formatting, file approval, etc.) will all be open for business, with the understanding that orders will not be processed or shipped until our return.

    we are doing our best to pick and ship all orders (all hands on deck—including our customer service staff!) they will not be able to advise you with certainty on if your order will ship by tomorrow until TOMORROW when we assess what we can get through today!

    thank you so much for your support through all of this, we appreciate each and every one of you! we will be in contact after close to take care of all loose ends/unshipped orders so please have patience with us over the next few days. we will work with all of you to make sure we do the best for you that we can.

    best wishes, health, safety and prayer hands, and jazz hands, bc, why not?

    Cards and Pockets Inc.