Blank (Un-scored) Translucent Vellum Wrap for 5x7 - SAMPLE

Price: $1.21
Invitation Wraps are available in 2 sizes depending on if you would like the wrap to meet in the middle or to overlap. The 7”x10.125” wrap is sized for the edges to meet perfectly when wrapped around a single, 5x7 card.
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Vellum Wraps are available in two variations depending on your design. Our standard wrap is sized to fold and meet in the middle like a gate-card, and our longer wrap has a small overlap.

Vellum Wraps are not scored, which means they will require hand-folding due to their delicate nature. Scoring on a machine will crack the vellum material, but gentle hand-folding is easy and produces beautiful results.

Additional Information

  • Frozen Limba is textured stock.
  • The Wrap Sized 7" x 10.125" will wrap a single card or mounted card creating no gap or overlap but if the item that is being wrapped is thicker (eg. acrylic) there will be a gap and the two sides will not meet
  • All additional items are sold separately.

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